Systems of Support

Academic Interventions

Columbia River High School has dedicated time to Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) for more than 10 years. Because the Vancouver Public Schools (VPS) and the greater community agree to spend the time and have made the financial commitment to continue PLC work on a weekly basis, it makes sense to provide evidence of training, promising practices and an outline for the future of the PLC work at River.  Most specifically, we want to show how we will help our students within their academic day.

Start with the experts:

In higher performing school systems, “teachers identify struggling students as early as possible, and direct them towards a variety of proven interventions strategies, developed at both the school and district level, that assist all students in mastering grade-level academic objectives.” National Center for Educational Achievement, 2009, p. 34)

“One of the most productive ways for districts to facilitate continual improvement is to develop teacher’s capacity to use formative assessments of student progress aligned with district expectations for student learning, and to use formative data in devising and implementing interventions during the school year.” (Louis et al., 2010, p. 214)

“If a school can make both teaching and time variables… and target them to meet each student’s individual learning and developmental needs, the school is more likely to achieve high levels of learning for every student” (Mattos & Buffum, 2015, p. 2)

“One of the most important things leaders can do is to create the conditions that allow people to experience progress in their work and then recognize and celebrate their accomplishments, even small accomplishments” (Amabile & Kramer, 2011)

What is River doing to remain high performing and to address student needs?

River faculty recently reviewed data sets from the first quarter of the 2018-2019 academic year in addition to reviewing the overall credit accrual for the Class of 2019, 2020 and 2021. (Note the class of 2022 will be awarded earned credits for semester 1 at the conclusion of the semester in January 2019.)  We know the work to be done.

We have designed systems of tiered support by grade level to address attendance and behavior concerns. The next, bold step for us is to focus on our academic interventions.  This means we must become more strategic in supporting students academically within the classroom by teachers who know their learners best.

If you were at River last year, you may remember our January work on study skills, organization and preparation for finals in “J-Term” Sessions.  We received very positive feedback and have built upon that effort by connecting to PLCs.

Last week, River teachers coalesced and designed a schedule that will take place on Mondays that will drive the Monday afternoon PLC work. Students will have a rotating block of time designated by period allowing for an additional 41 minutes of contact time.

These precise support systems in each class and will take place every week students as progress {with the extended time} through their current schedule.  November 5, for example, is focused on academic intervention for period 2. Students will stay in their period 2 class for 41 additional minutes. If students are invited by a different teacher to work on a re-take, re-do or re-assessment activity, we expect students to take full advantage of the opportunity.

What it is for River students

  • Opportunity to check progress using Skyward
  • Opportunity for personal academic organization
  • Opportunity for checking understanding in targeted academic areas
  • Opportunity for re-take, re-do, make up course work

What it is not for River students

  • This is not… a time to leave campus
  • This is not… a time to be social
  • This is not… a time to be on the phone/social media
  • This is not… a time to waste on non-academic activities

What it is for River Faculty

  • Opportunity to check student’s progress and execute targeted academic interventions for struggling students.
  • Opportunity to provide academic extensions for students.
  • Opportunity for modeling academic organization.
  • Opportunity for checking understanding in targeted academic areas.
  • Opportunity to re-teach, re-view, re- assess students who need additional time.

What it is not for River Faculty

  • There is no expectation of additional classroom and lesson preparation by teachers.
  • There is not additional duty/ responsibilities to be assigned to teachers.

River’s graduation rate has exceeded the district average and the state average and our like peers for decades.  River is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School with an exceptional pass and success rate on the IB Exams.  River has been recognized by Newsweek, US News & World Report and achieved numerous local, state, national and international awards.  Most recently, River was awarded the IB Excellence & Equity Grant (2018) and is an active participant in the IB E2 Initiative.

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