2252 in the House

House Bill 2252 is scheduled for public hearing on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 1:30 pm with the House Committee on Higher Education in Olympia, Washington.

River students taking International Baccalaureate Exams (and IB students everywhere) who enroll in Washington State higher education programs will gain with this legislation. HB 2252 is sponsored by Dolan, Harris, Santos, Johnson, Bergquist, Steele, Lovick, Senn, Stokesbary, Kilduff, Ortiz-Self, Valdez, Slater and (our very own – Legislative District 49th’s) Monica Stonier.

HB 2252 will require Washington State universities to award college credit for IB exams at both the HL and SL. The current Bill states credit for a score of 4 or higher. Read more about the bill here.

Because the IB is recognized internationally, the IB Diploma far exceeds state diploma requirements, and many colleges/universities already accept IB exams as equivalent credit in various courses, this will be a win for our students.

With HB 2252 we have another chance to create opportunities at home, here in our Washington Higher Education System. This will improve our partnerships, actualize opportunties for students and assist students/families with the financial burdens of university tuition.

As CR’s Head of School, I am not endorsing politics or politicians. My commitment is to advocate for my students and HB 2252 is legislation that is good for everyone. Join me in recognizing the quality work our IB students do in the classroom and those faculty who support them along the way.

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Occasional essays, reflections and information regarding Columbia River High School from the Principal's Office.

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