Applying to River’s IB Programme


Ten reasons why the IB Diploma Programme (DP) is ideal preparation for university.

  1. It increases academic opportunity – research* shows DP graduates are much more likely to be enrolled at a top higher ed institutions than other entrants holding other qualifications.
  2. IB students care about more than just results – through creativity, action, service (CAS) you learn outside the classroom and develop emotionally and ethically as well as intellectually.
  3. It encourages you to become a confident and independent learner – for example, the extended essay (EE) requires independent research through an in-depth study.
  4. It’s an international qualification – DP is recognized globally by universities and employers.
  5. Graduates are globally minded – language classes encourage an international mindset, key for increasingly globalized societies.
  6. The IB encourages critical thinking – students analyze and evaluate issues, generate ideas and consider new perspectives.
  7. DP Students have proven time management skills – students take good study habits, self discipline and time management to further education and the working world.
  8. It assesses more than examination techniques – learn to understand, not just memorize facts or topics and prepare for exams.
  9. Subjects are not taught in isolation – Theory of knowledge (TOK) classes encourage connections between subjects.
  10. It encourages breadth and depth of learning – Choose courses from six subject groups and study subjects at different levels.

*Based on IB research –

Want to learn more? Click this link and please attend one or both events listed below.

VPS Magnet Fair:  January  10 at 6:30 pm Roosevelt Elementary:  2921 Falk Road  Vancouver, WA 98661

River IB Magnet Night & Open House:  January 17 at 6:30 pm at Columbia River High School:  800 NW 99th Street Vancouver, WA 98665


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